At Tradition, we serve food from the Swedish and Nordic pantry.
Selected, uncomplicated produce of high quality that are prepared with knowledge and care.
The result is a tasty menu with classic and modern dishes.

Reserve a table

We only accept bookings for 1-8 people via the link above.

As we do not have much extra space in the premises, we unfortunately cannot accommodate your pram.

Are you a larger party?
We have a larger table with slightly higher chairs which is placed in the middle
of the dining room for bookings between 12-16 people.
If you are more than 16 people you will be seated on more tables.
All bookings over 8 people pre-orders a group menu for the company,
menu choices can be found under our menus here on the website.

Booking requests for groups over 8 people is made via email:

Unfortunately we cannot offer a private part for larger groups.


Welcome to Tradition
With us you eat food from Swedish and Nordic cuisine.
Restaurant Tradition was founded by Jonas Peterson and is owned and operated from 2021 by Erik Löth and Anders Lundström. Erik Löth is a creative leader and has, among other things, started the acclaimed restaurant Derelict and since 2019 he runs Liberdade on Skånegatan 51.
“We will offer well-cooked food with inspiration taken from Swedish cuisine. Sweden has a unique food tradition and fantastic ingredients. My idea is to offer both classic home cooking dishes but also interesting dishes based on the Swedish pantry. ”- Erik Löth

En saftig flankstek med ört- & pepparrotssmör, grillad lök & örtrostad potatis. Så gott helt enkelt.

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Hernö dry gin, spriteriet torr vermouth, picklad gurka 🍸🥒 ...

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Hur mycket älskar man inte kladdkakan? Till dessert eller till dagens fika. Kladdkaka av choklad, vispad grädde & svarta vinbär. En kaffetår & en skvätt avec. Sötsuget är stillat.

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Österlånggatan 1 | 111 31 Stockholm
+46 (0) 8 20 35 25

Please note that we only answer the phone during our opening hours.
If we do not answer, we may have a lot to do. You are welcome to contact us by email or come back later.
If you wish to make a reservation please do so thru our website.

Monday  – Friday 11.30 – 23.00
Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 23.00

Restaurang Tradition | +46 (0) 8 20 35 25